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Top twenty tips to Clean your sex toys

Your pleasure and pleasure products deserve the upmost attention and care  so here are twenty fast top tips to keep your sex toys in great shape- meaning they stay safe to use and will last you as long as possible! 


1. Use a dedicated sex toy cleaner and follow instructions carefully - check out this easy to use spray - The loving Joy Toy cleaner  for £5.99 , simply spray , wait and rinse! 

2. Before cleaning, inspect your toys for any rips, tears, of discoloration - even the smallest tears mean its time to send your toy to the bin and time to treat yourself to some new toys! 

3. Use lukewarm water and mild, non-abrasive soap for a basic cleaning- however if you are cleaning any porous material toys such as Jelly , always use anti bacterial soap and a dedicated toy cleaner if possible.

4. Pat dry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

5. Store toys in a clean, dry place

6. Disinfect toys after each use with a specialized disinfectant.

7. Avoid using any harsh soaps that could irritate skin

8. For non-motorized toys, soak in distilled water or dilute bleach solution- this is a very hard cleaning routine and only really recommended for sex furniture .

9. When in doubt, consult the product’s instructions or contact the manufacturer

10. Avoid using household cleaners or detergents as they may damage surfaces of toys- and can irritate your skin! 

11. Rinse toys thoroughly to avoid a soapy residue.

12. If possible, boil non-porous sex toys for deeper cleaning- such as metal 
13. To prevent damage, avoid submerging motorized toys in water- anything that is battery operated or does not state that it is waterproof 

14. Separate soft and hard toy materials for cleaning

15. Invest in a toy pouch or toy box to prevent lint, dust, and bacteria from gathering on toys

16. Let toys air dry before use and storage - sometimes this can be preferable over lint free cloths and paper towels depending on the material 

17. Use condoms when changing toy users to protect both parties

18. Use a fresh, new condom each time toys are used by new partners

19. Its always a good idea to clean toys before use if they havnt been cleaned recently 

20. Check batteries and cords on motorized toys for signs of wear and tear! 


Enjoy , and remember - your pleasure is a priority!