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8 Tips for Mind Blowing Solo Masturbation

1. Different strokes

Experiment with different movement for a more satisfying a profound experience. There are always tried and true techniques , but what’s the fun in that ? The up and down strokes on a penis will always get you the same result but why not mix it up a bit in how you get there. The back and forth side to side rub rarely fails the clitoris, but why not go slow and tease yourself – try some light tapping to bring blood flow to the surface or even some small to larger circles and spirals . The clitoris has thousands upon thousands of nerve endings that stem all around the vulva- so much more extra pleasure yet to feel!

Try switching up the usual hands you would use, maybe try finger penetration first and then clitoral arousal – and done forget your labia majora- the larger lips of your vulva – there are clitoral nerve endings here too !

Consider it a brand new introduction to how you like to masturbate and get to that sweet sweet end goal. Try switching hands or long and twisting strokes from the base of the penis to the shaft , palm you rpenis head while stroking with a full hand grip to give a sumptuous all round and full feeling. You could even try adding some stroking to the classic 2 and 3 finger grips. Play around and experiment – enjoy getting to know yourself all over again.

Try switching up the usual hands you would use, maybe try finger penetration first and then clitoral arousal – and done forget your labia majora- the larger lips of your vulva – there are clitoral nerve endings here too !


2. Edging – Tease yourself and work up to a toy

Take your time , enjoy the while before you caress between your thighs by enchanting every part of your body. Stroke your skin and other erogenous zones instead of racing towards orgasm. Consider waiting until you have brought yourself to edge before you even add in a toy – work your way up to what you know can be earth shattering for yourself. Once you do get there and the Big O is on the horizon , stop yourself again!

Slow it all down and then bring yourself right back to the edge all over again. Do this as many times as you can manage and ride the waves of pleasure as many times as you would like until your toes are curling and you finally release to a full body shaking Orgasm! 

3. Its not always about the vagina or the Penis

Everyone , whether male , female , cis , trans or non binary has many erogenous zones – its not always about the vulva, vagina and penis! Try some Nipple suckers - even different hot , cool and tingling lube on your nipples can be a fiery starter!

 Experiment with anal beads and butt plugs. Start of slow , at your own pace and use as much lube as you would like. Stroke your neck , hips and anywhere that feels good for you. 

There are so many more options than just fingers and hands and stroking the genitals. 


4. Need instructions?

Get yourself a blindfold  so you can really loose yourself in the moment. If you would usually masturbate at night , try it out on the A.M for  a game changer. 

Take your time and stroke your entire body before dipping between your thighs. Use extra lube for extra comfort. If you have a vulva and vagina caress your lips and thighs before touching your clitoris and take it extra slow. Try using a different hand and use the other to caress your nipples. Once you are on the edge – slow it all down and start off with a different erogenous zone before heading back to your clitoris – then add in a toy that works for you!

Got a penis? Experiment with a different hand and try palming the head of your penis while using the other hand in a 2 finger stroke going from slow to fast and backing off again to a slower pace to keep the rollercoaster going! Once you arrive at the edge again – allow it al down and add in a toy like a Tenga egg or masturbation sleeve – Toys are for boys too!



5. Change that position- and watch yourself while you do!

Mirror mirror on the wall , who is the  horniest of them all ? We are human – we get stuck in our ruts and routines. On our backs – with or without visual aids – night time or A.M

So switch it up! Try rolling your hips while on your stomach – even add in some pillow humping if it feels good. If you don’t usually use visual aids – try it out, if you do why not try watching yourself instead? 

Try sitting on the floor with a mirror , on all fours , or even in a different room than usual. Use the excitement as an aphrodisiac – watch yourself with different toys and in your lingerie , keep the hype going and enjoy getting it on with yourself! 


6. Lube

With hundreds to choose from you can have your pick! Water based, tingling and hot try adding different lubes to your masturbation self-care routine. Play around with the sensitivity of different lubes – some like it hot , others like it cool. 

 Chances are you will already have enough natural lubrication – but the more the merrier ! Adding extra lube will always add comfort and if you are experimenting with edging it will make that Big O all the more sweet! 


7. Set the mood – its good for your health

The world is full of stress. Self care is a must , and what better way to take good care of yourself than an orgasm ? ( seriously , what’s better after a stressful day? )

Try lighting some candles or playing with the lighting. Set yourself up for some quality time. Experiment with different music – there are hundreds of Tantric tunes on Youtube to get you to where you’d like to  go, or better yet a while new place! 

Try some new satin or silk lingerie – lingerie is as much for you as the partner you may wear it for. If you usually sit on a chair or lie between the sheets, then make it extra comfortable for yourself whether that’s some soft throws or silk pillows – sit back and relax. 


8. Take your time – Its not homework

For some it is easier to get to that Big O than others – but this should be part of the fun. Learning about your body and what makes you tick. There is no pressure with masturbation. Don’t force yourself with a toy which may not be working for you – enjoy searching for something new that might! 

Between the stress of every day life and the nuanced flips of ‘ guilt ‘ that we are still told we should feel for masturbating , feeling forced or pressured by yourself is a no- go for a good time with your genitals. Show yourself some love and patience and above it all , have Fun!